J.P. Morgan Chase: Things Always Happen for a Reason

             J.P.Morgan Chase had just acquired several properties from the Bank of New York in the fall of 2000. One of the locations was five floors located in One World Trade Center. The bank was looking for someone to monitor the reconstruction of the floors, and Anthony and I were up for the position. Anthony had only been with the bank for two years and I had started working at the bank in 1995. There was an interview process for this position, and my interview was scheduled for September 7, 2000, at 10:00 am with Mr. Rutledge. I was recommended by the department head of the facility manager, and although I was overqualified for the job I felt it was a good fit for me. The World Trade Center was an iconic building in the New York skyline — perhaps even more than the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building.
             I woke up early on September 7 and went to the dry cleaner to pick up my suit for the big interview. After I picked up my suit, I headed back to my apartment to take a shower, get dressed, and then I headed out the door. I remember the day being sunny without a cloud in the sky. I walked to the PATH train station that was about 14 blocks from my apartment. I loved walking to the PATH station; it was the best time to people watch. Once I got there, I headed down the stairs, paid my fare, and walked on to the train. The ride from Hoboken to downtown NYC took 25 minutes, and I arrived in the city and walked to my office at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza. I placed my bag down and started getting ready for the interview, and I was quite confident that I would get the assignment. Why wouldn’t I? I had the job experience, and I was recommended by the top person in the department. I printed out my resume and several acknowledgment letters from clients and I headed to the 56th floor to meet up with Mr. Rutledge at his office. Mr. Rutledge was an older man, slightly heavy, and he loved to smoke. He looked like a person who was set i...

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