Mindfulness, Meditation, and Personal Growth

             When most of us think of meditation, we imagine the stereotypical meditator, sitting criss-cross, hands resting right above the knees, fingers in a gentle pinch. We imagine this person sitting before a beautiful display of nature. When we think of meditation, we most often associate it with other things - chakras, buddha, spiritual awakening. But while these things can certainly be relevant in meditation, they don’t have to be. Meditation doesn't have to be so painstakingly specific. It isn't always about achieving enlightenment or aligning chakras. It’s about personal growth in general: manifesting, affirming, reflecting. We don’t need to abide by a strict set of rules to achieve this personal growth. However, there are three keys in discovering our own path to mindfulness - finding what's comfortable to you, keeping a focus or purpose, and maintaining consistency
             There are many different ways to meditate and practice mindfulness. The most recommended way for beginners is to use a guided meditation. There are many online videos and applications such as Headspace, Insight Timer, or Calm to help you with this. But the first, and most important step in meditation is finding what's comfortable for you - meaning not only position and space but a comfortable method of meditation through experimentation. Try a few different types of meditation, ones with affirmations, or breathing awareness. Utilize different objects, crystals, essential oils. Through trial and error, you can discover what helps you to feel best and gain the most from meditation. Now, position and space-wise, it's paramount that you sit or lay in any position that feels physically comfortable to you and are in a space free from distractions or any obstacles that might interrupt your meditation. This is so that you can put into play and maintain the next crucial part - choosing a focus.
             The next step, choosing a focus, is very important. When you meditate, you s...

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