Ray Bradbury

             Ray Bradbury is an accomplished American novelist, short-story writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter, and poet. His writing style is like none other. Some say he is a science fiction writer; however, others argue that he merely uses the far-out setting to criticize racism, censorship, technology, nuclear war, and humanistic values (Johnston). All of his work closely relates to his life and the personal experiences he has gone through. First, his early life in Illinois and Arizona influenced his first writings. This was a time when he first started experimenting with writing. Second, Bradbury's writing style relates to his past experiences, because he said that he learned to write recalling past experiences (Umland 6). During this period of time, Bradbury begins to discover himself as a writer. He develops his own style and process for writing. Lastly, his major works represent the feelings of Americans during the era in which he wrote. The Martian Chronicles, his first well known novel, and still one of his best known novels, is a great example of this because it relates to the readers emotions about atomic warfare during the World War II era.
             Ray Bradbury's early life in Illinois and Arizona influenced his first writing. There are many examples that show how he transforms his life into a fictitious story. For example, the short story "The Jar", written in 1944, is based on Bradbury seeing a pickled embryo for the first time at a sideshow. Although we question ourselves as to how this could be turned into a story, Bradbury can see potential in the most insignificant and strange instances. Two other examples are "Homecoming", written in 1946, which is based on Halloween parties thrown by one of his relatives, and "Uncle Einar", written in 1947, which is grounded somewhat on one of his uncles (Umland 6). As you can see, many of Bradbury's early stories were based loosel...

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