Martin Luther

             Martin Luther was born in 1483. He was the husband of a former nun, Katharina von Bora, and raised six children. Martin Luther would then soon become the German leader of the Protestant Reformation.
             Luther began his education at Eisenach and then to the University of Erfurt. In the year 1505 he finished his master's examination, and began to study law. Months after he found himself studying law, there was a change of events. Luther began going through a religious phase. He then entered a monastery of the Augustinian friars a t Erfurt. He began to study, intensively, the Scripture, and then was ordained a priest in 1507.
             In 1510, Luther was sent on business to Rome for his order. While in Rome he was then shocked by the spiritual laxity apparent in high ecclesiastical areas. When he returned back home he finished the work for his theological doctorate, and later became a professor at Wittenberg. This period was the beginning of the intimacy between Luther and John von Staupitz, who later influenced him to say, "I have received everything form Staupitz". Luther began getting obsessed with anxieties about his own salvation, in which he sought relief in frequent confession and extreme asceticism.
             Luther still considered his activities as directed toward reforms within the church. His opponents found his ideas heretical. Several attempts were made to reconcile Luther back into the church, but a compromise wasn't about to come out of either side. In Luther's address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation, he supported the new nationalism by advocating German control of German ecclesiastical matters. He appealed to the German princes to help effect the reformation in Germany. Luther then fought the claim of papacy of authority. The reason being was over secular rulers and his decision to deny that the pope was the final interpreter of Scripture, which in meaning the pope would enunc

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