Dollars and Sense

             One of the biggest problems I have with our society today is in sports. Don't get me wrong, I love sports. I love to watch the competition and seeing these men doing seemingly superhuman feats. The problem I have with sports is the over-commercialization and over-hyping of athletes by their agents, and themselves.
             I think that it is absolutely sick how so many athletes are getting paid so much for what they do. I did say that they performed difficult athletic feats, but a couple of events a week for up to 10 years does not constitute that they deserve five hundred times more than what the average blue collar person earns. Of course, the blue-collar man is not on TV and doesn't get the big shoe deals. The worst part of it all is that the athletes are complaining that they do not get paid enough.
             Scott Boras, Alex Rodriguez's agent, is asking for an escalator clause in A-Rod's new contract. That means that if the average salary of the MLB raises, so does Rodriguez's. That is on top of the $20 million he is demanding. If Kevin Brown wants $105 million for seven years we give it to him, and we throw away our Rangers, Marlins, and Padres jerseys.
             In baseball, and in all other team sports, free agency has ruined team loyalties. We are no longer rooting for our favorite team with a core of players recognizable in the community. We are now rooting for an aura that surrounds the team. We are rooting for the stadium and the uniforms if we remain loyal to any team. Manny Ramirez was once very loyal to the Indians. He resigned with them the first time he was up for free agency, and he said he wanted to stay with them. That was, until John Hart turned down his request for a 10 year, $200 million contract. The same happened with Mike Mussina. He spent many years with the Orioles without a complaint. However, he jumped ship as soon as Steinbrenner pulled out his checkbook. Why stay in Baltimore if you could make $88....

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