Good Will Hunting

             We could not be where we are today if great minds like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton didn't exist. These individuals helped create who and what we are today. Without their help our world would be a far more primitive one. These incredible people are said to have a gift, which few could only dream of. But what if these individuals decided in not using this gift. Then where would we be today? In the film "Good Will Hunting" Will Hunting is blessed with having this gift, but isn't convinced if he should use it.
             Will kept his gift to himself. He wasn't what society sees as a typical mathematical intellect, being well dressed, law biding, unathletic, and antisocial. Instead he played sports, fought a lot, used foul language, and drank excessively. He acted this way because it was the way he grew up and he didn't want to be treated differently because of his gift.
             When a Hartford professor sees Will's capabilities he can only think of the possibilities a great mind like Will's could create. Will, on the other hand would rather work a labor-oriented job for the rest of his life. He believes his job as, a janitor or demolition laborer, are just as noble as any other. The truth is Will isn't psychologically stable and therefore he doesn't know what he really wants.
             His whole life he lived in different foster homes and was abused excessively by different people. This abuse leads him to live a life where he pushes people away because he's scared of getting hurt. When Skylar, his girlfriend, asks him to move with her to California he automatically acts in his defense mode of pushing her away. He convinces himself that if they did go away together she would eventually leave him for a more economically stable guy that her mother would approve of.
             His psychologist (Robin Williams) realizes the psychological problem Will faces and understands that this problem must be dealt with before Will can decide what he really want...

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