My favorite spot

             Close to my apartment, Loyola Park is my favorite spot in this city. Walking in the park makes me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I like it so much and I believe I have ever been to every corner of this park.
             The park is right adjacent to the lakeshore campus of Loyola University Chicago, I guess that is the reason the park named "Loyola Park". Like many other parks in Chicago, it is composed of lots of lawns, several tennis courts, and of course, one beach after another all the way along the Michigan Lake. The park also has its specialties, like a long wall for drawing for local people.
             To me, it is a perfect place for relaxation. I always feel a little tired when I get home after a hard working day. The most important thing for me to do after dinner is walking along the beach in the park. Breezing in the cool air from the lake, watching seagulls flying in the sky, chatting with people fishing around the beacon, watching waves gently washing the shore, everything is just so peaceful. The water is usually clean except on rainy days, I can even see some fishes swimming in the water on lucky days. All of these calm me down and make me feel so relaxed.
             The park is a colorful place to visit. The sky is always colorful every day before sunset. Sometimes my husband and I just sit on the beach watching the change of color in the sky, from blue to yellow to red and then finally dark. Everything in the sky harmonizes very well and the scenery is so wonderful. I can hardly describe it in words. You will know what I am feeling if you could be there.
             The colorful drawing bench in the park is sure another attraction. It is actually a concrete long bench about 150-feet in length. As the same time it is also a huge natural canvas for drawing. The whole canvas is divided into many 1-meter long segments. People living in the neighborhood can volunteer to draw pictures every July. They could be assigned with a 1-meter

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