Civil Inattention

             Every time we enter a public place we engage in some sort of social interaction. This is a part of our everyday life. Certain public settings are even created for the sole purpose of social interaction. The Study Hall bar in Isla Vista is one such place. Most people go to this bar to get drunk, and to interact with friends or among the unacquainted. Throughout my many visits to the Study Hall, I observed multiple kinds of social transmissions. These interactions between bar patrons varied from positive to negative discussions and were influenced by not only gender but social status also. In the following pages to come I will discuss and analyze social interactions between certain individuals and analytically breakdown some of the conversations that were occurring during my visits. The following analysis will explain what sorts of interactions take place inside of a bar, and will examine the effects that alcohol has on a person engaging in conversation with the known and unknown.
             Many concepts will be used to explain and analyze the social transmissions at the Study Hall. After observing many different situations and interactions at the bar, I was able to apply concepts that were used in lecture and throughout the readings. I will begin by analyzing the forming of a relationship and work all the way into breaking down the actual conversation itself which all occurred at the Study Hall. The process begins with an initial interaction between two individuals who are meeting for the first time.
             Civil Inattention and Anonymous Relationships
             It begins with a young male coming to the bar to meet his friends to watch a game. As he enters, a female sitting at a table with two other women notices him. As he passed, he glanced at the table of girls at which time female #1 (the girl who first noticed him) happily made eye contact with him and gave a little smile. It would only be a matter of time before the two would en...

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