High School Dropouts

             Students dropping out of high school are becoming more and more common. One thing they fail to be aware of is the cause and effect this will have on ones life. Dropping out of school involves many life-altering circumstances. Three circumstances involved with dropping out of school are causes, effects, and outcome this decision brings. The causes for students dropping out can easily be helped or overcome. These causes all have similar thing in common stress. Stress can be a very hard thing on students mind. Everyday life for students can become stressful very quick. The peer pressure received from students can also be detrimental. Drugs also play a big role in today's high school dropouts. Most students who end up involved with this either drop out or end up with GED. Another major cause today is grades. This can be a big contributing factor for dropouts. Some kids windup dropping out due to failing badly in class. They get behind and can't seem to catch up, and usually think the best thing to do is quit. These causes all play big roles in dropping out school.
             The effects of dropping out of school can be enormous. The bad effects this decision can have on one are life altering. These decisions can and will effect every aspect of your life. The difference in type of job you might receive is one major effect. It could mean not even being able to find a secure job. Where as a person that has high school diploma will find many more job opportunities that are not always available to dropouts. Another effect is the effect it can have on family. This effect is very sad and disappointing to the person. This involves the way they look at the dropout's career and life style. The difference in lifestyles of dropouts verses high school graduates are tremendous. Also the difference in financial life for the person and their family is more profitab

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