most embarrassing moment

             When I think of times embarrassing to me,
             Rather the blonde hair or the big mouth placed on my face,
             So many moments, I would love to erase.
             The memory of this one brings back tears.
             15 years old, freshman in high school,
             All I wanted was to be noticed and somewhat cool.
             Dating a junior, how cool could that be?
             An awesome football player and homecoming nominee.
             I knew I could fit in to a new grown up place,
             Competing against the “older” girls would be a race.
             The football player asked for my name.
             Shy and reluctant I replied to his question,
             Unaware of his dreaded next suggestion.
             A date was in the making, what should I do?
             New in high school and new with guys,
             What have I done… this choice wasn’t wise!
             I stand in the mirror for hours each day,
             Preparing what to wear and what to say.
             Time was getting shorter and “the day” was almost here,
             I was so nervous… I forgot my one most fear.
             A kiiiiisssss… I knew he would expect of me,
             I couldn’t give in; I’m just too modest you see.
             I’ve seen it on TV, how disgusting it appeared,
             After practicing on my hand, I pouted and sneered.
             I hated the thought of a stupid little kiss,
             This was one point of my life that I would rather miss.
             Debating, waiting, and thinking all day,
             I’m losing my mind and don’t know what to say.
             Restless nights, on my bed I ponder,
             Sweaty hands and feet, why can’t time be longer?
             An excuse I think of to put off this date,
             I don’t want a kiss…I’ll just wait.
             “The day” has come and the night is near,
             Bringing along the “k” word that I fear.
             Butterflies have now taken over my tummy,
             The physical part of me is like a mummy.
             All this time I have sat and prepared,

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