Victor Hugo a French Romanticist Poet

             Victor Hugo is a French Romanticist poet. He has written numerous dramatic plays, books, and romantic poems. His poetry is best known and appreciated in France. In France Hugo is haled as the leader of the French Romanticism Movement. Victor Hugo's poems "Once More to Thee" and "Regret" reflect Hugo's remorse and wish for happiness as a result of his uncaring and adulterous actions.
             At a young age Victor Hugo married a young women named Adéle. Their young love turned sour when a critic fell in love with Adele and Hugo used it to blackmail him into giving wonderful reviews of Hugo's newest poems and to promote his dramas and books with tons of publicity and articles on them (Ionesco 25-26). Hugo proceeded to forbid Adéle to leave the house and considered it okay for him to cheat on her for the rest of his life (Ionesco 26). Hugo had a twisted sense of love as is seen in this quote from the Hugoliad, "His wife Adele he neglects completely using her only to arrange his theatrical success. Absorbed as he was in his literary glory and Juliette Drouet he refuses to notice that Sainte-Beuve is falling in love with his wife. He refuses to notice it even when Sainte-Beuve intimates it to him" (Ionesco 25). Hugo carried on an affair with Juliette Drouet for over 50 years to the knowledge and in sight of his wife, Adele ("Victor Hugo" 732).
             Victor Hugo's family influenced many of his early poems. When Hugo was in his early teens his mother forced poetry on him (Ionesco 13). During a grave illness Hugo stayed with his mother and she requested that he write a poem, when the poem was completed she promptly stopped dying. Things that occurred in his family often
             influenced his works. The conflicts between his loyalist mother and his Bonaparte father strongly influenced many of his poems (Houston 1). His early works were also influenced b...

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