A mentor is someone who educates, instructs and inspires another person through their past experience. Someone who had been a significant mentor in my life was my grandmother; Vera Y. I grew up with her living in Uzbekistan. Vera was a woman who led by example and possessed all the qualities I wish to have. Her excellent mentoring taught me how to have a confidence in myself and how to be my own person which prepare me to face .
             Around a time when I was eight years old, my parents registered me for a piano recital. It was arranged for me to play one of Bachˆs pieces. I was terrified. Having two years of practicing playing the piano, in my opinion did not prepare me to perform in front of a large crowd. As a child I was very shy, my grandmother understood this and she knew how hard it would be for me to perform. She took extra time out of her busy schedule working as an elementary teacher, and practiced with me piano skills everyday for a week before the concert. She also taught me tricks she used to calm herself when she was nervous. Thinking positively was her key advice. She assured me that if I would think optimistically and confidently my mind will accept the thoughts, and my body instantaneously will follow the belief. So the time came, January 14, when I had to perform. I was to go out on stage right after the little boyˆs performance on the flute. As I was standing behind the curtains up on the stage, I felt my heart beating rapidly, my knees shaking and my palms sweating. I wanted to run away or for piano to break so I do not have to play. However, I remembered how much time and effort my grandmother put in me. All the hours we spent together playing same notes over and over again, I realized that I cannot dissapoint her. I took a deep breath and told myself that those people sitting will enjoy my performance, they will clap, I will play them the best Bach they have ever heard! By the time when my turn ca...

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