fossil fuels

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             Imagine that millions of years ago, earth was covered with tropical trees and swamps, which are ideal conditions for forming fossil fuels. All were formed many millions of years ago during the time of the dinosaurs therefore
             When plants and dinosaurs and other ancient creatures died, they decomposed and became buried, layer upon layer under the ground. It took millions of years to form these layers into a hard, black colored rock-like substance called coal, a thick liquid called oil or petroleum, and natural gas. Fossil fuels can be found under the earth in many locations around the country. Each of the fossil fuels is extracted out of the ground differently.
             Fossil are found in earth, rock, and clay. This process forms part of the carbon cycle. Fossil fuels are mined by people for use as an energy source. Fossil fuel energy is stored energy which is given off when the fuel is burned. Most energy given off by fossil fuel energy is sometimes released in the form of heat. Their ar...

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