What causes lie behind white lies?

             From Weiss’s article, we know that bit by bit, well-meant little lies can add up to a mountain of big serious deception, but I only agree with that partially because there are many reasons why people tell white lies. Through analyses, we find that goodwill and courtesy lie behind white lies.
             We know there are many ways for people to present their goodwill to others. According to the text of Teaching the golden rule, we know the goodwill that people express is physical, direct and visible. However, the goodwill that lies behind white lies is otherwise because it is taken on in empathy. First, a human has the nature of showing compassion for others, so people tell white lies is based on this nature. For example, when a patient who suffers from a very serious illness and only has a couple months to live asks his doctor about his health, the doctor certainly doesn’t tell the truth because he instinctively realizes that telling a white lie is better than telling the truth with the patient’s life. Second, people’s telling white lies is for sparing the feelings of someone. I have such a friend whose face as well as eyes was ruined by a big fire. So for, I still feel very sad for him. However, every time he asks me about his face, I always seek a white lie to console him because I know telling the truth will hurt his dignity and courage to live on. I think these are just embodiment of goodwill that is express out by telling white lies.
             Other than these above, courtesy is another important reason for white lies. As a part of courtesy, telling white lies is indispensable in dealing with realities in relation to people. First, white lies can play an important role in getting along well with people in different religions, customs and cultures. As is described in Lies, Deception and Truth by Weiss, when a young woman was invited to partake of the tribal delicacy: baby mice dipped in melted butter and swallowed live, out of courtesy,...

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