Kath Mouse Part 2

             Kath is being even worse to me now that I won the talent contest but at least she isn’t getting that much support. After the contest people started to talk to me and all of a sudden I had friends. Kevin is now being even nicer to me and is getting real close so were coming best of buddies. I heard a rumor in our school that Kevin want to be more then friends and is going to ask me out after I sing at Christine’s. I felt like nothing would be able to ruin my mood but Kath found a way. Just the day before the dance Kath came up to me and yelled, “I hope you have a good time at Christine’s. Oh by the way–Mouse– my brother isn’t going because he wants to stay away from you and he knows your going to be there.”
             “Uh huh, well it just so happens that isn’t true and we talked just yesterday about the party and what were going to do,” I replied grinning. Kath then stormed off with her nose in the air at the sound of these words. After that little incident I avoided Kath the rest of the day and right before I left the school Kevin came up to me.
             “I’ll get my dad to drive us to the party if you don’t have a ride,” he told me.
             “Sure pick me up at 7:00, you remember my address right?” I asked.
             When I got home I started to get ready. I took a warm shower and tried to choose myself a matching selection of clothes. At the end I decided on a tight baby blue tank top and a white mini-skirt. I also started to do my hair. A french twist with a bit of spizazz to it. After that, all I had left to do was my make-up. My mom told me which make-up I should use and how to put it on because I haven’t used it before. I put on eyeliner, some rouge, and mascara to help me look even more beautiful. I was totally ready at around 6:30 but I still fiddled with my hair and my skirt a lot until it was 7:00. At 7:05 Kevin came in his dads blue Ford pick-up truck to pick

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