The chapter on sexuality talks about sexuality from a sociological point of view and it talks about how society shapes our perception of sexuality. Sexuality is all around us, at home, on television, even at the workplace. Sexuality is an important part of our lives and our society, we think about sex at least once a day and there really aren't many aspects of our lives sexuality isn't involved. Society has looked at sex as a taboo subject for along time, parents have made up stories of all kinds like the birds and the bees and the stork to kind of hide what they are talking about when discussing the subject of sex and human sexuality with their children. Sex in one definition of the word refers to the gender of a person as in male or female. From a biological point of view another way the word sex is used refers to the actual sex act or the mating ritual in which a species reproduces. Sex has a biological foundation but it's also a cultural thing, one culture's sexual practices sometimes differ from another's. In some cultures the people like to have sex face to face while in others such a thought would be considered unacceptable and might even laugh at the thought. Some overseas societies even allow incest, which is something that is basically forbidden in our society. The 60's and 70's brought along with it the Sexual Revolution and changed people's perception of sexuality and sex. People started to be more open in regards to sexuality. But when the 80's came the Sexual Counterrevolution hit and everyone wanted to be more conservative and started to frown on women that looked and dress "promiscuous"; society wanted to go back to the good ol' family values like no pre marital sex. Now days premarital sex is almost the norm, it's basically based upon a person's opinion of the situation.

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