sixties counterculture 10 pg proposal

              The sixties were turbulent times for America, both domestically and abroad. During the
             sixties America witnessed the assassination of a president, the assassination of a civil rights
             leader, a "conflict" in Vietnam, and a counterculture revolution among the youth. The
             counterculture would peacefully protest and rally against the government early on, but as the
             decade progressed, the counterculture would split into various factions. Some of these splinter
             groups would carry out violent measures to make themselves, and there opinions, known. While
             the violent actions were carried out by a strict minority, they attracted much attention from the
             The purpose of this paper is to establish a connection between the peace movement and
             the violence perpetrated by the counterculture. I feel that it is important that we find out how a
             movement that was peaceful in the beginning could end up being so violent. The fact that
             Americas youth could get caught up in such a frightening and violent situation should be of
             concern to all of us. The music, and music festivals, of the era are also worthy of consideration.
             Did the music contribute to the violence, or was it a just reflection of the turmoil felt during the
             In order to understand the violent groups and their connection with the counterculture, we
             first need to understand what the counterculture was. The sixties were full of groups which lived
             outside of the norm, one of the earlier and most famous groups to form were the hippies. "In
             1965, Herb Caen of the San Francisco Chronicle labeled these people 'hippies,' as if they were
             apprentice hipsters. The young insurgents called themselves 'freaks' or 'heads,' and they called
             their 'here and now revolution' a counterculture." The hippies were into living a communal life,
             a life of peace and tranquility and they were blowing t...

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