Winston Churchill

             Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill were contemporaries of Hitler, and
             each had his own opinion about appeasing him. They completely disagreed about what
             In Neville Chamberlain's speech In Defense Of Appeasement he supports
             "peace" at all costs for Europe, regardless of any other factors. He believed that the
             Czech Government should agree to give Germany the territory that it wanted, and in
             time, the population concerned would be treated fairly under their rule. Chamberlain
             said that no matter how much Britain wanted to help Czechoslavakia in their time of
             need, they could not involve the entire British Empire in war because of one small
             nation. He was "a man of peace"(Perry 373) and did not think that Germany, or any
             other nation was planning to dominate the world by force. If this was the case, it would
             have to be very clear that the nation had ill intentions, and it was the great issues that
             were at stake, only then would prompt action be taken, in war if necessary. Calmly
             waiting to see what events occurred next was Chamberlain's answer to the people's
             questions. He states: "As long as war has not begun, there is always hope that it may be
             prevented, and you know that I am going to work for peace to the very last moment
             Chamberlain wanted the whole of Europe to remain safe and peaceful. If this
             meant that Czechoslavakia must sacrifice its freedom and homeland, according to him, it
             was worth it in order to maintain peace. He received letters from people saying that they
             saw no reason to fight. "That is my answer to those who say that we should have told
             Germany weeks ago that, if her army crossed the border to Czechoslavakia, we should be
             at war with her"(373). Because Britain had no legal obligations to Czechoslavakia, he
             believed that the people of his nation would have given no support of the war. H...

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