Bay of Pigs

             In any military operation there always have to be a plan drawn up to support the
             operation. So why was the Bay of Pigs operation such a failure? Some of the questions I
             will focus on is what and how much of a role did the CIA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and
             the Kennedy administration plays in the disaster.
             Kennedy came to the White House with a true belief in democracy and the American
             dream. Kennedy's background was one of wealth and prestige. Fidel Castro took control
             of Cuba by force. When there is a bloody revolution or change it catches the attention of
             the U.S. State department, especially when it is only ninety miles away from the coast of
             The Cold War was in full swing. With Castro in power and so close to the United
             States this seemed like and clear and present danger to the United States. At this time
             President-elect Kennedy Start's to receive daily intelligence briefs on Castro's
             movements within the country. The United States had been among the first nations to
             recognize the new Castro regime. It maintained a large imposing embassy on the
             Malecon, Havana's beautiful waterfront drive. From this embassy, the U.S. State
             Department foreign service officers and the Central Intelligence Agency were issuing
             countless messages to Washington concerning the deteriorating state of affairs within
             Cuba. While the foreign service officers and the CIA were in substantial agreement in
             their judgment and evaluation of the Castro regime, the men in Washington to whom the
             The CIA, very early in the game, reported on Castro's Communist learning's and the
             Communist backgrounds of some of his advisers, but the State Department, led by chief
             of Latin American affairs, Roy Rubottom, presented only glowing reports on the new
             Cuban premier. In fact, Rubottom was emphatic in his support of Castro. Because of this
             slanted evaluation, the...

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