america the greedy

             A question has been asked about America. Does the country's prosperity show a sign of hard work and a desire to be the best or does it reflect greed and an unrelenting need for status and money? While many political and business leaders through out the world feel that the United States is a great country with a strong economy that thrives on the large educated workforce, good personal values, and a government based on democracy others feel this could be the wrong perception of the America. This group feels that the continuing growth of wealth in the United States is causing a decline in morality and an acceleration of greed in the States.
             One view of America, primarily taken by the religious right and citizens of other countries is that the majority of Americans are greed hungry people who will question morals and beliefs for a few more dollars or an easier buck. People of Religion cite phrases from the Bible include, "Greed is evil and makes one unclean (Mark 7:22), brings trouble to one's family (Proverbs 15:27), and tears down a country (Proverbs 29:4)" and then describe the failure of family values. These debatable failures include an increase in drug use and there for sales, along with an American society that has become more violent in recent years in part to the increase of the drug trade. To many religious persons an increasing amount of wealth is also causing a lack of traditional family values including the modern views of homosexuality. At a meeting of Anglican Bishops in Canterbury England, the bishop of Niger said, "To accept homosexuality in our church is for Anglicans to commit suicide" Niger also happens to be the poorest country in the world.
             Greedy Americans this is the view many other countries feel towards the states. They see the fattest nation in the world spend more money on health equipment and diet pills then Gross National Product of most countries.
             A question has been asked about America....

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