Peter Singer

             To understand Peter Singer and his work, it's helpful to examine his views on animal rights, euthanasia, and charity. Peter Singer is an Australian utilitarian philosopher and is a professor at Princeton University. His views have been evaluated by many people and have been disapproved of by many. He still to this day believes what he says should be how the world goes and he will always keep on fighting for that.
             The debate over the moral status of animals continued to be one sided thinking until the 1970's, when a large span of books and articles led to an essential and ongoing debate. Singer compared speciesism (the belief that the human race is superior to other species, and that exploitation of animals for the advantage of humans is justified) with racism and sexism, and said "there is no good reason for refusing to extend the basic principle of equality- the principle of equality consideration of interests, to non-human animals." Singer argued specifically against eating animals and animal experimentation, and suggested that there are "nutritionally sufficient alternatives" to eating meat. Singer said "the pleasures of our palate cannot outweigh the suffering inflicted on animals by the standard procedures of commercial farming; making vegetarianism the only ethically acceptable diet." On animal experimentation, Singer urged this argument "In considering whether a given experiment is justifiable, we ask ourselves whether we would be prepared to perform it on an orphaned human who is at a mental level similar to that of the proposed animal subject. Only if the answer was affirmative could we claim that our readiness to use the animal was not based on a speciesist prejudice against giving that interest of non human animals a similar weight to the interests of members of our own species." Singer is trying to make people see that animals and humans are on an even moral pla...

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