miss brill

             Out line
             Miss Brill
             Tittle: Kathrerine Mansfeilds Portrait of an Old Maid
             A. Miss Brill is about old maid who likes to delude herself that she is wealthy and cultured.
             B. Story is set during one of Miss Brills Sunday outings to the Park.
             C. She enjoys spending her Sundays easdropping on people. Believes she isn't noticed but is.
             D. This easdroping is what ultimately destroys her private delusion of being wealthy and cultured.
             1. Miss Brills delusion of wealth and culture.
             A. Wears fox fur even though it is worn out.
             B. Money is central theme in much of Miss Brills imagry. Calls light white wine. Calls clouds gold veined.
             C. Miss Brill points out that her blanket is made of eider down. Also is proud of her fox fur she wears out on Sundays.
             2. Miss Brill relationship with her fox fur
             A. Miss Brill associates herself with her fox. Uses automasia referring to her fox as little rouge.
             B. She realizes that her "little rouge" is well past its useful years as its eyes are dull and nose is caving in. Ignores this and puts black sealing wax, just like she ignores her marks of age and puts on the fox fur.
             C. Miss Brill might think of herself as a 'Little rouge". Thinks of herself as exciting individual. She speaks of lighting Kettle in "quite a dashing way".
             3. Miss Brill sees herself in woman who is scorned by man in story like Miss Brill likely was in past.
             A. Woman is wearing a ermine toque (fur hat) that is well past its useful years like Miss Brills fox fur
             B. The woman's fur hat was once beautiful now is shabby.
             C. Woman was young and beautiful when the hat was new but now she's aged.
             D. Her hair was yellow when the hat was new. Now everything the woman has yellowed with age.
             E. She is bright and happy, Excited when she meets the man. Tells him about day. Man blows smoke in her face and walks off.
             F. Woman reacts by smiling brighter than ever goes on to next perso...

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