Canadian Culture

             Culture is a broad term that describes customs, traditions, institutions and all other human proceedings together considered as being characteristic of a particular community, people or nation. Things such as media, other neighbouring cultures and time can influence and even change a culture.
             There is no single culture found in Canada. Instead there are many cultures each equally important and valued, all united to form this great country. Each separate culture is unique and defined although it is part of a whole. Values and ways of life are extracted from each culture and adopted by others, but each culture still remains distinct.
             Canada was not always a multicultural country. Canada's first culture was that of the Aboriginals who lived here for hundreds of years before the Europeans discovered Canada. This native culture was greatly influenced by the French Canadians, the first permanent European settlers. However, the greatest influence on Canadian culture came from Britain. British culture was the institutionalized in Canada for many years. British dominated nationality came to an end when other immigrants inhabited Canada and their cultures remained distinct, yet influenced and respected each other.
             Multiculturalism is an important part of Canada and is displayed to great extent. Most cities and towns hold festivals celebrating the individual cultures that make up Canada. Festivals such as these can be found here in Saskatoon, and excellent example would be Folkfest. Folkfest gives different cultures that make up Saskatoon a chance to display their customs such as dance and cuisine, and heritage. Each separate culture teaches its customs but is still a part of the entire festival. Cultural displays such as this give fellow Canadians a chance to learn about each other's heritage.
             The Canadian government realizes the importance of each culture maintaining its distinctiveness. It has

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