The Islamic faith is the second largest religion in the world today, composing one-fifth of the world's population. The word Islam is defined as the surrender to the will of God, and peacefulness in that surrender to God. A monotheistic faith, Islam is based on three doctrines; The Oneness of God, or al-tawhio, the importance of prophecy, or nubuwwah, and the Islamic view of man (Grolier's). The Islamic god, Allah, represents every aspect of life. According to Muslim belief, He cannot be represented in any form. The Muslim people have 99 names for their God, such as the Most Merciful, the Most Just, and the Most Patient. Muslims also believe in the importance of Prophets as messengers of God's word, including Adam, Abraham, and Muhammad, the prophet to the Muslim people. Finally, a Muslim man is considered a servant to God, or al-abo, and through this finds salvation.
             The basic tenets of the Muslim faith are the "five pillars" of Islam: The first is prayer five times a day facing the city of Mecca, or sala; observation of Ramadan as a month of fasting from dawn to sundown, or sawm; making a pilgrimage to Mecca once in a Muslim's lifetime (if possible), or hajj; giving alms to those less fortunate, or zakat; and the faith that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad as his Prophet. An Islamic man has certain moral obligations that he must observe as well. He cannot gamble, drink alcoholic beverages, eat pork, or engage in dishonest behavior, which includes such immoralities as sexual encounters between two unmarried people.
             The Islamic faith has both similarities and differences with the Christian faith. The two religions are both monotheistic and based upon a book. Christianity is based on the Bible, while Islam is based on the Koran. Christianity and Islam, along with that of Judaism, can all trace their origins back to the prophet Abraham. The Islamic faith believes their God, Allah, to...

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