Blade Runner

             Blade Runner: A technical Review
             Ridley Scott’s film Blade Runner is a 1982 film that depicts the future of the world in the year 2019. The setting takes place in Los Angeles, California. The set appears to have a half earth, half space look to it. The complexity of the buildings and the set plus the coloring and the constant fog give evidence that this movie was not filmed on location but instead in a specially designed studio. Harrison Ford plays Deckerd, an ex-blade runner who is given his old title back in hopes that he will stop the five Nexus 6 Replicants that have escaped from the off world to earth. Through the use of mise-en-scene and cinematography the director was able to foreshadow events as well as to portray the cold and dark attitudes and feelings of the future.
             Lighting and colors are an important aspect in mise-en-scene. The opening scene starts out by panning slowly over the dark and foggy city. Mountains of fire are spit up into the air. The use of light, in this scene, helps to set the feeling for the entire movie. The city is dark and foggy like the Nexus characters. The fire spitting into the air gives the viewer a feeling of war. This foreshadows the war between the Blade Runners and the Replicants. The colors and lighting in this first scene resemble the colors and lighting used to depict visions of hell. Again, this is a way of setting the mood using mise-en-scene. This trend of dark lighting, rain and fog follow through out the entirety of the movie. The only character that has a bright glow to her is Rachel. She is shown in light that is brighter and warmer looking then any of the other light used. This represents her good side and places her on a different level then the other Replicants. The only two times sunlight is sh!
             own in the entire movie are once in the beginning when Deckerd comes to the Tyrell Corporations to test Rachel and then again at the...

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