My research paper is on Jim Morrison. The reason that I picked him is because he is one of my favorite musicians. His music is some of the most unique that I have ever heard.
             To start off, Jim Morrison's real name is James Dougless Morrison. He was born on December eighth in 1943. Jim died very young. Jim was born in Melbourne Florida. His father was an officer in the United States Navy and because of his duties, he was hardly ever home. This took a toll on Jim. His relationship with his parents was a strange one. Whenever anyone asked him about his parents he always told them that his parents were dead.
             One of the most important events in Jim Morrison's life, according to him, happened when he was four years old. One day Jim and his parents were going for a ride and they passed an accident. It just so happened that the accident involved Indians. Whenever Jim and his parents rode passed the accident, Jim claims that one of the Indians died and his soul went into Jim. Obviously, when people heard Jim tell this they were and still are in disbelief.
             One of Jim's habits as a young boy was to always show off in school. He always needed to be the center of attention. He said that in whatever he did as a boy he always loved the crowd looking and paying attention to him. When Jim went to college, he took a course on crowd psychology and revolt. The college were he took this class was Florida State university. Jim wrote all sorts of papers on very many obscure books. Many of these books were unheard of by Jim's tutors.
             Jim decided to be come a singer while studying film for a brief time at U.C.L.A. He decided to make a band. One of the things he needed to do once he got the band together was to come up with a name. That name was "The Doors." The was Jim decided to come up with this name was from a poem by William Blake. The part of the poem goes "If the doors of perception were clean

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