Do I feel that the African Americans should be repamandated by the United States
             Government for being sold into slavery? No, I feel if the government began to try to
             conasate for some of the peoples mistakes that it would be such a snowball effect that
             it would cause a great problem for our society. To begin with how could you justafive
             for such an unfair and uncivilized condition. The people of this culture, of which these
             acts were induced upon are long gone and how could you begin to make it easier for
             those that have been gone for so long? I don’t feel that anyone other then those that
             suffered the true pain are instilled to be rewarded for something that they didn’t do.
             A society is a group of people organized together so that its needs-the sustaining of
             life at the most basic lever-can be met. Culture is a broad term which embraces all the
             specific characteristics of a society- technology; modes of dress and diet; economic,
             social and political organization,styles of shelter; religion; language; methods of
             child-rearing; and so forth- as they are functionally related to each other. Put most
             simply, “culture” means a way of life, the framework within which any group of
             people-a society-comprehends the world around it and acts in it. But “culture” and
             “society” are also terms which imply standards or norms of behavior, the mean of
             individual characteristics. This is what is meant when we refer to “cultural traits” or
             “group behavior.” To employ such terms is to run the danger of losing sight of the
             individual human beings, none of them exactly alike, who make up the culture.
             Culture is a mental construct which we employ for the sake of convenience so that
             highly varied and complex individual behavior can be broadly classified and compared.
             Because we Americans, belonging to the same nation, speaking the same language,
             living under the same law, partici...

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