Hanoi Jane

             The Vietnam War divided our country as no other war had to date. The slow build up in troops overseas began in the Kennedy administration and built progressively through the Johnson years. By the time the Nixon Presidency began in 1968, the war had become a hotly contested political and moral debate in the United States. Protests against the war and the many factions of the anti-war movement ripped at the countries resolve to be at war and win the war. As the number of wounded and killed mounted so did the anti-war movement.
             At the height of the tension at home in the late 1960's, Jane Fonda, movie star and activist, took over the leadership movement of the anti-Vietnam war. This paper will report three important aspects of Jane Fonda's trip to N. Vietnam that impacted people involved in the war; she may have caused the death of many Americans by buoying the hopes of the North Vietnamese, the betrayal and deaths of American POWs, and participating in North Vietnamese propaganda. This paper explores the anti Vietnam efforts of Jane Fonda, who by what many considered her illegal trip to North Vietnam to encourage the communist army in their war efforts.
             As an outspoken communist and member of the violent Black Panther civil-rights activist group, Fonda began speaking on college campuses and at large rallies across the nation to stir up dissent to the war effort. She established the FTA (F _ _ _ the Army!) activist group in 1971 to create dissent in the United States. In 1972, with U. S. war efforts still at an intense level of conflict, Jane Fonda made a two-week visit to North Vietnam.
             While visiting Vietnam, Fonda visited a camp known to the prisoners as 'Hanoi Hilton.' The prisoners were forced to see Fonda and deny that they were being tortured. Fonda then proceeded to travel home and pronounce that the prisoners were in good health. As the war moved on POWs began returning home (some of them after being held captiv

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