Toni Morrison

             Toni Morrison was born in Lorain, Ohio, in 1931. Her birth name is Chloe Anthony Wofford : she changed her name into Toni, because her friends mispronounced the real one. Her father worked on shipyards : she had no wealthy background. Actually, her ancestors were slaves and when she was young, her grand-grand told her what the life of Black people was at the beginning of the century. Thus, Toni Morrison was brought up to be proud of her heritage and rich cultural background. She faced discrimination as soon as she started dating and touring with a repertory company : at that time, restrooms were still separated for White and Colored people. thus she saw firsthand the life of Black American, that her parents had escaped by moving North. In 1958, Toni married Harold Morrison, a Jamaican architect. She had two children with him but her life was unhappy. She divorced in 1964 and moved to New York with her two sons.
             Toni Morrison was an excellent student and she always graduated with honors. Her degrees - a BA in English and a Master of Art at Cornell - allowed her to teach, what she did. She was instructor in English until 1964. After her divorce, she worked as senior editor at Random House in New York, where she finally came to writing, as an increasingly full-time occupation. Actually, Toni Morrison came late to writing. It's only in the early 60 's that she joined a small writer's group, to escape her unhappy married life. She needed company of other people who appreciated literature as much as she did. At Random House, she edited books by prominent black Americans like Muhammad Ali, Andrew Young and Angela Davis and find there the opportunity to send her own first novel – The Bluest Eye, that she wrote years before - to various publishers. And it was released in 1969. Nonetheless she began writing late, she wrote within the last 30 years several masterpieces. The most

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