Braveheart Summary

             The movie "Braveheart" starts off in Scotland, 1280 AD. We see a little William Wallace, following his father, Malcom Wallace to a meeting between noblemen. Whne they arrive at the place of the meeting, they find everyone had been hung by King Edward "The Longshanks". Days later, Malcom, his eldest son John, and other Scottish farmers set off to fight. The next day, William's father and brother are brought home dead. They are laid to rest and soon after William's uncle, Argile, comes to adopt him. Argile promises to teach young William how to use his mind before he shows him how to wield a sword. Argile then brings William back home with him.
             Years later, King Edward marries his son, Prince Edward, to Princess Isabella, the daughter of the King of France. William returns to his hometown after many years of being away. He falls in love with Murron, who as a little girl gave him a flower at his father's funeral. Soon after, they get married in secret to avoid "Prima Nocta", a law enforced by the King that allows a noble to consecrate a new marriage by having the new wife in his bed for the first night. Instead they consecrate their marriage on their own, but I wouldn't know how because a certain teacher edited out these parts of the movie. Then a crazy solider tries to rape Murron, who then is saved by William. William and Murron separate during their escape, and Murron ends up being captured. The towns' Magistrate slits her throat to teach the townspeople not the attack his soldiers and to try and lure Wallace to fight him. An angry Wallace leads the men of the town in a revolt. They kill all the soldiers, seize the fort, and Wallace avenges his wife's death by slitting the throat of the Magistrate. Other towns and clans, hearing of this rebellion come, and join Wallace. They then begin their rampage of the English by infiltrating a local noble's fort/. The kill him, burn the fort, and send the remaining Englis...

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