Love at First Sight

             An opinion on the true meaning of love
             Love can be expressed in many different forms. Physical touch, words of admiration, quality time, and gifts, are all different languages of love. Many different people interpret love in many different ways. This word can pack a pretty powerful punch or it can be said without any meaning. There is no right or wrong way of interpreting love; it is strictly personal and based on opinion.
             Although this word has become a universal adjective for a lot of different meanings, they all brew down to the same meaning, a deep feeling or love or affinity. We all grew up with our mothers and fathers assuring us of their love for us, we didn't fully understand the concept of love. As I have matured (somewhat) and grown as a person, through life and its ordeals, I can sum love up in one statement. It states " Love is a feeling about something or someone so strong that you cannot carry on a normal life without feeling inadequate."
             I strongly believe that love is acquired through trials and ordeals and is never instantly grasped. I can say that I do not agree or support the statement, "Love at first sight", but I do believe the statement should go, "Attraction at first sight." I can say this because I have been involved in a relationship for 8 months with a very special girl and it has proved to be difficult and gratifying at times. It has changed my life profoundly and I can say without a doubt that I am in Love.
             It often bothers me when people say that they have fallen in love after only meeting someone a few times. This bothers me because I have gone through tough times and many difficult stages to acquire love and it has not been easy. Love is probably one of the harder things to define in any language. I am reminded of my love when I feel complete and secure when I am around this thing or person.

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