Blade Runner-The 6th Replicant

             In the movie Blade Runner, the artificial creatures, known as Replicants, are nearly indistinguishable from human beings. Their one weakness is that of emotion, or more specifically, lack of empathy. A simple test that is able to determine their empathetic responses to simple, but uncomfortable to the average human, situations, is the only way to determine their true form. It has even been suggested by some, that the primary protagonist in the film, Deckard, who is assigned to hunt down and kill the Replicants, is a Replicant himself. In this essay, I shall prove the character Deckard is a Replicant himself.
             To cheat the argument, let us take the answer from the film's director, Ridley Scott. He himself has admitted in an interview with the B.B.C., simply that, "He is a Replicant." This however, is as much as we will let Ridley Scott tell us, and simply use this as a basis for further analysis.
             To begin, let us look at the obvious references to the fact that Decker is a Replicant. Throughout the movie, Gaff leaves little animals as references, and clues, in strategic places. Towards the end of the film, when Deckard and Rachael are fleeing, Decker finds a tiny unicorn, a Pegasus, if you will, in the hallway leading to the elevator. This is a direct reference to earlier in the firm when Decker was daydreaming, and thought of a unicorn. In this, it shows that Gaff has Decker's memories, and is aware that they are Decker's memories. Therefore, Decker's memories are implanted, and he must be a Replicant.
             Second, during the testing of Rachael to be a Replicant, Decker is asked if he has ever taken the test. In any battery of psychological tests, it is customary, and often required, that the administering party be given the test before he or she is admitted to present the test themselves. Decker admits to never having taken the test, and suggests that he would not take the test, because it would prove h...

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