The Birth of Birth Control: An essay on Margaret Sanger

             Who was Margaret Sanger, the name doesn't seem to ring any bells, but if you are a woman who believes it is your right to have access to birth control, you should get to know her. Margaret Sanger was the leader in making contraception available to women. Born in 1879 she was an advocate for women's issues from an early age born of Michael Higgins who was active in the cause of labor reform and social equality, Margaret quickly took on his "freethinking" attitude.
             In 1914 she wrote a magazine called The Woman Rebel. At that time was against the law to import or distribute any device, medicine or information designed to prevent conception or induce abortion. As a nurse Sanger was also barred from giving this information out to patients. She was indicted for this "crime" but her case was dismissed in 1916. In that same year she established the first birth control clinic and was immediately charged with "maintaining a public nuisance". But that didn't stop her! While serving thirty days in the penitentiary she organized a school for fellow inmates.
             That was just the beginning; she won an appeal making it legal for physicians to give birth-control advice in New York City. She published a monthly magazine until 1928 and founded the American Birth Control League as served as president from 1921 to 1928.
             So what makes a woman become such an advocate for birth control when the law, religion and the majority of the world are against her? Sanger became a nurse after teaching for a short time and then being called home to nurse her mother who had been weakened by having so many children. She realized that working, as a nurse would give her the opportunity to help society. As a nurse she helped deliver babies and nurse weak mothers back to health. She realized then that there was a desperate need for options for these women that birth control could offer.
             Sanger went to all length to get her message across. Not only the legal is...

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