English Words for the 12th Grade

             The acme of the conversation was the fact that she admitted to cheating on the test.
             The adversity of the 20s was the fact that alcohol was illegal.
             aesthetic- of or relating to the branch of philosophy dealing with appreciation of beauty
             As a military person I need to become more aesthetic.
             anarchy- a social structure without government or law and order
             If there was anarchy there would be organized chaos.
             anecdote- a brief story of an interesting usually biograohical incident
             Col. Brand enjoys using anecdotes to get his points accross.
             With the apex of the war the casualties were more signiciant then any war before.
             assuage- to make pain or grief less
             There is nothing that would assuage the death of my brother.
             avaricious- excessively greedy and tending to hoard riches
             Scroouge was a very avaricious about everything he owned.
             baroque- elaborately and often pretentiously decorated of designed
             bombastic- pretentious wordy speech or writing
             In order for a teen to sound sophisticated they have to sound bombastic.
             cadaverous- suggesting a coropse especially in gauntness or pallor
             After the accident of the 52 car pileup there were cadaverous bodys everywere.
             carnivorously- feeding on animal tissues
             The T-Rex was a carnvorous creature.
             censure- the act of blaming or condemning sternly
             In order for ther to be a successful company there has to be some censure.
             clandestine- held in or conducted with secrecy
             The Navy Seals like to work in clandestine operations.
             In the military you can't find a lot of compassionate people.
             If you aren't a conformist in the military you might as well kiss your ass goodbye.

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