An embarrassing incident

             The brilliant rays of the morning sun shone brightly right through the curtains. I woke up feeling fresh and excited as it was my birthday. Suddenly, I heard the door bell ringing and I know that my mother and the maid had returned from the market, ladened with my birthday goodies such as cakes, 'otah', fried chicken wings and many other delicacies.
             The whole morning had been spent decorating the hall with colourful balloons, and setting the tables and arranging the chairs. My sister and brother also gave me a helping hand to hang up the balloons ,and the work was completed in no time.
             By the time I finished my preparation for the big day, some of my friends and classmates had already arrived. Soon the hall was bustling with laughters. I was overjoyed to see so many beautifully wrapped presents. I led them to the dining room where there was a long table set with mouth-watering food. My friends were drooling then as all the food was their favourite.
             After dinner, I organized a ' bite the apple' game and it was an exciting one. Some of my friends had difficulty biting the apples as their teeth were not strong enough. When it was my turn, I started to open my mouth as wide as possible to try to get a firm grip of the apple. I was so engrossed that I did not notice that my friend's apple had fallen off the line that was hanging from the ceiling. At that time, my apple had fallen off too and we were both getting our apples back simultaneously when we accidentally knocked our heads.
             The impact was so great that I was momentarily stunned. I thought I suffered a gash on my upper lip. On closer examination my mother saw a gap in the upper gum. I plucked up my courage to look into the mirror,at my red horrible-looking gum. Together with my friends, we searched high and low for the missing front tooth as I wanted to put it under my pillow to wait for the tooth-fairy to collect.
             In the midst of our frantic search, I noticed...

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