In Newark New Jersey on june 3rd, 1926 Louis and Naomi Ginsberg give birth to their second son, Irwin Allen Ginsberg. Allen begins to be tuaght poetry from a young age from his father who is a poet himself. Then when he is only 11 years old his mother suffered a series of mental break downs that forces his father to commit her into a mental institution. She was released after a year or so but was still mentally unstable. often trusting her son while scared of her family and the rest of society. Ginsberg struggled through family conflicts and homosexuality throughout his adolescence. Upon graduating high school, he moved on to Columbia University where he, during his freshman year was introduced to Beats such as Lucien Carr and Jack Kerouac who helped him to escape his bookworm lifestyle.
             On March 6th, 1945 Ginsberg was suspended from Colombia University due to degredating remarks about the Jewish community and the President of the University. In August of 1945, with the inspiration of Jack Kerouac, he joined the Military Sea Transportation Service. After graduating in November, he was sent on his first vogae where he experimented with marijuana with Puerto Rican sailors. This was the gateway drug that led him into future experimentations with LSD, in Timothy Leary's publisized findings on LSD. In September on 1946, Ginsberg returned to Colombia University to continue his education.
             In November of 1947 Naomi Ginsberg was reccomended to receieve a frontal lobotomy from the Doctors of the hospital where she was residing. Since her divorce from Louis, Allen was responsible for signing the papers. In 1948, Allen experiences a "Blake Vision" which is when, in his Harlen apartment, he had a vison of William Blake talking to him in person, this event went on to influence him for the next fifteen years. Allen had legal troubles because of the bahaviour of his friends and that resulted in hhis arrest and brief inprisonment. After that e...

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