Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

             'Beauty is in the eye of he beholder;' one statement has never held so much truth.
             In a world with so much freedom the definition of what is considered beautiful is variable. One person may find beauty in a flower, or a flock of geese flying south for the winter, while another may consider them images far to common to encompass real beauty. When beauty moves beyond its basic definition and into the realms of artistic expression, the word beautiful becomes even more subjective. The question posed to us for this assignment was to define how we have incorporated beauty and art into our every day lives.
             First and foremost I find beauty in my family. Beauty only begins to describe the spectrum of interests and attitudes each member brings to the family unit. My sister, a pre-teen sensation, awes me with her keen fashion sense. My brothers are both sculptured, talented athletes and my mothers' flair for interior decorating has turned our basic living space into a country wonderland.
             Many people will argue that photography has no artistic merit. However, I consider my collection an anthology of commonplace objects made beautiful through artistic judgment. Scenic landscapes from frequently traveled destinations such as Niagara Falls, Elora Gorge, and Grand Bend, to panoramic views of New Brunswick's Hopewell Rocks and Bay of Fundy. All of the many places in Canada I have traveled have been graphically recorded for future enjoyment.
             Trips to Florida and California, although amateur work at best, imaginatively record what I have seen at each locale. Every one of the photographs tells its own story and every one is unique. Photography has been, and continues to be, my greatest connection to the artistic world.
             Black and white photography captures the primitive emotion of humanity. It removes the confusion of colour and creates a contrast of black, whites, and shades of gray. Black and white photography offers ...

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