Actions Speak Louder Than Words

             Have you ever-said one thing and then do another? Have you noticed that your actions can impact louder then your words? Sometimes you don't even have to say anything to impact someone. Don't bite your tongue until you look before you leap.
             Don't you just hate it when people break their promises, or when they tell you something really important and then turn around and do something totally opposite of what they said? I don't know about you, but I hate that. Religion to me should be taken seriously. Some people act as if God is their savior and pretend to pray for those in need and then turn around and do things only God himself would know about. Your actions to me are like promises. If you're not sure about something ask someone else or don't say anything at all. Finding out someone close to you just totally stabbed you in the back doesn't fell good. One face is better then two!
             Sometimes you can impact someone without even saying anything. The way you act can send out either positive or negative message. Not everything can always come out positive. When you give someone a first impression body language you send back to that person is the way they will act towards you. A look of disgust will get you an attitude of hatred and disrespect, but a look of open arms and maturity will get you an attitude of respect and trust.
             Examples to me are the highlights of cliche's. When I say actions speak louder then words just stop and think about it. For example in asb/leadership some of us had an idea of raising donations for the American Red Cross for the tragedies in New York knowone even said anything when they brought up checks and bills for $20.00, they didn't have to say anything it's the money they gave and how they reacted.
             All in all, I guess you could say life isn't what it was made out to be, or people for that matter. I gu

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