School Vouchers: Good Or Bad?

             Simple – A school voucher is a grant that the school district gives to parents so that their son or daughter may attend the school of their choice. This voucher system can be used with students as young as elementary school.
             In my opinion, school vouchers are a very bad idea. School vouchers would create more problems than they would solve. First, school vouchers would single out certain areas or minorities. School vouchers would not be distributed to everyone evenly. Low-income areas or "bad" neighborhoods would receive these vouchers first. History shows us that if money is thrown in only one direction, someone is going to be mad. Even if they do go to those parents who really need it, would we want them to even have the freedom of choice in the first place? No matter what kind of fantasy world people may be living in, stereotyping and hatred is real. Whether it's based on race, religion, nationality, or economic standing, certain people just should not go to certain schools.
             I know the above may sound terribly biased – but let me elaborate. A 'C' student has no place being at Harvard, or at least that what everyone says. Giving students and families from a very low-income neighborhood the option to possible go to a very prestigious private school is a bad idea. Although it may sound horrible, the lower the economic standing of a community, the poorer the schools in that neighborhood will perform. Taking these lower achieving students and placing them into an accelerated environment would be detrimental to all of the students. Whether it is the slower student that does not understand what is going on or his classmates that are held back by the teacher having to go over things many times with that student, everyone suffers.
             Some say that the only way to get a student to advance is to challenge him. Well, a novice rock climber would not

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