Evaluation of Self Managed Work Team

             This report explores the potential of self-managed work teams. A self managed work team has been describe as “formal groups in which the group members are interdependent and can have the authority to regulate the team’s activities”(Desimone, R. Wermer, J. Harris, D. 2002, p 591)
             In today’s modern workplaces we are beginning to see more self-managed work teams develop. However, it is important to always recognize that such a system will not work in every organization. This is due to the fact that “most self managed teams are designed to meet an organization’s specific needs”. (Desimone, R. Wermer, J. Harris, D. 2002, p 591)
             Self-managed team programs benefit the organisation in many different ways they can “produce greater satisfaction, reduced costs, faster and better decision making, improved pricing, and increased market share”. (Elmuti, D. 1998. p179) The benefits also can affect important business issues such as “reduced costs, reduced workforce, increased productivity, getting closer to customers, fewer layers of managerial bureaucracy, shorter time to market for products and services, increased employee motivation and commitment, and increased recognition of individual employees contributions.” (Elmuti, D. 1998. p179)
             Differences between self-managing teams and conventional management strategy
             The key requirement to having a successful self-managing team is full support from the organisation senior management. Management needs to support an employee empowerment initiative and to delegate management responsibilities to teams.
             Below are some of the key differences between the traditional management approach and that of a self-managed team.
             Self Managed Team Traditional Managment
             Enthusiasm & focused effort toward a common goal Individual opinion about what is and isn’t important
             Continual learning from fellow employees Reliance on individual abilities and training from staff or sup...

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