Child Observation

             My observation of a child was done with a thirteen-month-old boy by the name of Tommy. My observation was done at Tommy’s house. The house was very well kept, small and colorful. Tommy’s mother kept all of his toys in the corner of the large family room. Tommy had many toys, from a pretend kitchen set, cars, balls, to stuffed animals, and pillows. The family room was painted a light blue color, sponge painted white over top. The couches and chairs were denim material and dark blue. The day that I did my observation happened to be the day of his grandmother’s birthday; therefore there were a number of people there. Along with Tommy and myself were Tommy’s mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, one aunt and one uncle. There were no other children.
             10:34 With both hands Tommy picks up his cup, slowly tipping it back, he pours the contents into his mouth, looking inside the cup while drinking.
             10:34 Tommy looks over at his father and says “Da-da-da!” Doing so with a smile on his face.
             10:35 When Tommy goes to set his cup on the tray he hits it with his left arm and knocks it over.
             10:36 Tommy’s grandmother in a high pitched voice asks, “What did you do?” Tommy responds with wide-eyed with “Ya-da-dooo.”
             10:37 Using his thumb and pointer finger Tommy picks up his cup stands it upright slowly, then using open hands claps and smiles.
             10:38 Using his hand, all five fingers, Tommy picks up his spoon and hit his cup with it, repeatedly.
             10:39 Tommy then, using both hands, all ten fingers, he puts the spoon in his mouth.
             10:40 Tommy’s mother had put some Cheerio’s on his tray. Tommy noticed and them and using his pointer finger and thumb, he picked them up one at a time and sticks them in his mouth.
             10:41 Tommy’s father clears his tray and brings over a wet washcloth. Tommy moves his head back and forth, attempting to avoid the washcloth. While having his face washed Tommy whines ...

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