GANGSTERISUM In 1919 congress passed the eighteenth amendment. Which abolished alcohol and legally prohibited the manufacturing or sale of any kind of alcoholic beverages. Thus bringing the rise and increase of organized crime and criminal activity. This amendment would be a huge mistake for the country and the United States would suffer severely. If there is a demand for something, no mater what it is, there will always be somebody there to partake in the process of fulfilling those needs of the consumer. Many people indulged themselves in many different kinds of alcohol, in many different ways. It was a way of life. Then the government steps in and puts a band on this way of life. State and federal agents immediately closed down the bars and saloons. Only to reopen as underground "speakeasies." So people started having to buy their cherished alcoholic beverages illegally. Hidden places where people could knock and speak softly at a securely locked door, a secret establishment for entrance into the underworld of illegal liquor consumption. These secret places were first created by soon to be powerful mob bosses. These bootlegging merchants that ran the speakeasies found riches and power in the illegal operations. Thus bringing the introduction into organized crime. Organized crime was soon on the rise, especially in large cities. The large bootlegging operations blossomed into many other illegal activities. These organized crime leaders had the police on their payroll working for them. They would tell them to look the other way and the crooked police were paid very generously for their injustice abuse of authority. They also had their hands in other corrupt businesses such as prostitution, illegal gambling, and the smuggling of many different kinds of narcotic drugs. Gang violence also became stronger between the rival mobs of organized crime. Street wars broke out and many demonstrations of these crime le

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