John Updike

             The spring of 1932, a child was born on a small farm in the hills of Pennsylvania. He would grow up yearning to see what was outside of his tiny existence and his life would eventually take him to the best schools in the country, and then to one of the most prominent magazines in the world. Although as a child, John Updike lived in a fairly sheltered world but experienced and learned much about what was happening around him through reading. Mr. Updike's most influential readings came from the likes of Agatha Christie, John Dickson Carr, and P.G. Wodehouse (Pritchard 12). After a promising up- bringing, John Updike chose to attend Harvard University after learning of the well-respected school newspaper, the Harvard Lampoon, which was published there. Updike spent some time in England but eventually settled down in Massachusetts where he began his full-time career as a writer.
             One of the most interesting points about John Updikes career is that he wrote about and analyzed many different topics from the oddest to the most ordinary. His writings were influenced by the time periods in which they were written and exposed many controversial subjects that were not highly publicized at the time. Such as one of his first novels entitled, The Poorhouse Fair, which was published in 1959. This story was influenced by the events that took place to young Updike, when he visited fairs that were held at a poorhouse, located down the street from his home. John Hook, an inmate in the story, lives at the home and the central idea for this character came from Updikes Maternal Grandfather, John Hoyer (Pritchard 23). Updike describes several events that occurred, such as the weather of the day, the escape of one of the inmates' animals, and the crash of a Pepsi truck into the side of the home. This story deals with some of the simplest aspects of life, yet Updike sensationalizes them and makes them more intriguing.
             One of Updike'...

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