Stephen Crane

             Stephen Crane, Born November 1st, 1871 into a middle class New Jersey family, he was the youngest of fourteen children (About Stephen Crane 1). Brought up to be a baseball player by his father, a Methodist minister, the Crane family re-located to upstate New York (About Stephen Crane 1). Stephen attended Lafayette College, and Syracuse University to play baseball (About Stephen Crane 1). Crane realized he could not make a living with his baseball, so he turned back to New Jersey where he found his calling as a writer. Here he became one of the greatest inventors of his time by originating two styles of writing. One Realism, which is a theory in literature emphasizing scientific observation of life without idealization or the avoidance of the ugly, and two, Naturalism, a type of literature that attempts to apply scientific principles of objectivity and detachment to its study of human beings (Anderson 439). Based on Stephen Crane's experiences in war, and in the city, he pioneered a true naturalistic style of writing.
             In the spring of 1891, Stephen Crane began working at a news agency reporting on the slums of New York (About Stephen Crane 1). While doing this, Crane experienced many different life styles of people. Stephen Crane
             was able to gather many of the variations of lifestyles to put on paper and create his first novel, Maggie: A girl of the streets.
             Maggie: A girl of the streets, a story about a slum prostitute and her downfall in life, came about while Crane was reporting for the Herald and the Tribune (Anderson 439). He was constantly in the dirty saloons of New York experiencing first hand what he wrote about in Maggie (Anderson 439).
             Even though Cranes first novel was very unsuccessful in stores, in a way, it helped Crane. Maggie: A girl of the streets was the first story to portray the dirty slums of New York (Anderson 439). This novel also revealed Crane as a pioneer of Naturalism, and Re

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