Hustlers Days review

             Hustlers Days is a book of biographies about the greatest pool hustlers and players that ever lived from the 1920's till today. It tells how the three most famous hustlers, Rudolph Wanderone Jr. aka Minnesota Fats, Jake Breit aka Jersey Red, and Luther Clement Lassiter Jr. aka Wimpy Lassiter, lived and what they went through. In R. A. Dyer's book, Hustler Days, he writes about these great pool bums careers from start to finish.
             Minnesota Fats (Rudolph Wanderone Jr.) was born on January 19, 1913 in Manhattan, New York and died January 15, 1996 in Nashville, Tennessee. Like many of all the great hustlers, Fats had no childhood, he spent his days in the pool halls learning everything he could about the game and hustled people out of their dollars. Fats dropped out of PS 132 and by the age of eight he was throwing dice and gambling, at age thirteen he beat a 9-ball champion by the name of Cowboy Weston, and at age 16 he was hustling the shirts off of peoples backs without them even knowing it. He later bought a car and went on the road to start his career. Fats never liked to work hard or to waste his time learning, he liked to play pool and like every other hustler, he made an honest living doing absolutly nothing.
             Wimpy Lassiter (Luther Clement Lassiter Jr.) was born on November 5, 1918 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and died 1988. Wimpy lassiter had a normal childhood, playing baseball with his firends and playing pool on cheap home made tables. Lassiter didn't get a real good education, he spent his time in the bars where the real money was. Wimpy also dropped out of school, it was in his way. Since he was underage, he would work around the bars and the owners would let him play on the empty tables. With World War II coming Lassiter joined the local Navy so he wouldn't get drafted out to Europe. He would start his career by hustling the sailers, and later becoming a 9-ball champion with more than 17 titles under...

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