Against Feminism

             The other day I saw a very pregnant woman stand for close to an hour on a very crowded train. Not one person offered her a seat. And I thought - Is this what women are trying to achieve? If this is the equality we¡¯re looking for, then we better put on spacesuits, ¡®cause the road to hell is going to be flaming and quick.
             I am a female. Of course I am supportive of the women¡¯s rights and gender equality. What I despise is being labeled or considered a part of some gender group. The word ¡°feminist¡± annoys me. I¡¯m a woman. Enough said. I know many women are going to hate me for saying this, but I see feminism as a lame excuse, and I believe this issue is backfiring. There¡¯s nothing wrong with trying to accomplish equality, respect and independence. But first of all, it is bizarre to try and prove that men and women are one and the same. Secondly, why are we trying to draw ourselves as such victims and men as such monsters? I strongly believe that you¡¯re only a victim if you allow yourself to be. And thirdly, something¡¯s given to us women by nature that men just don¡¯t possess. That is, to be a wife, and a mother - why deny it? What¡¯s wrong with having a man take care of a woman if that¡¯s what she wants? How is that oppression? How is that inequality? I DO expect a man to open a door in front of me. I expect a man to pay for my dinner if it was he who asked me out in the first place.
             And it¡¯s pretty obvious that most feminists do hate men. The right wing of feminism makes me sick. Sure there are men out there that rape and hurt, but what about the women? Karla Tucker? But of course they argue that women are victims of men and that men deserve what they get. Well, I refuse to be a victim to anyone. I can stand on my own two feet, and I refuse to let anyone man or woman be supreme over my body or feelings. Those who say they are victims let themselves be the victim, and I feel nothing but p...

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