Sir Winston Churchill

             Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer, British politician and prime minister of the united kingdom, widely regarded as the greatest British leader of the 20th century. Churchill is celebrated for his leadership during WW2 . His courage, decisiveness, political experience, and vitality gave him what it took to lead his country through one of the most desperate struggles of British history.
             Winston's public life extended from the reign of queen Victoria to the cold war. During his long political career , Churchill held every office possible except for foreign minister .Churchill was also known for the many books he published about British politics and history. his command for the English language not only made him a great orator but also earned him a noble prize for literature in 1953.
             Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim palace, which was his family's ancestral seat in Oxfordshire , on November 30, 1874. He was the oldest son of his father, Lord Henry Randolf Henry Spencer Churchill, who was a British statesman who became a leader of the house of commons. Because of his family's status Churchill attended school at Harrow school, where he studied the classics. In school he was known for his good memory, but also his stubbornness .Since he was a chile Churchill was fascinated with soldiers and warfare, he often played with a set of lead soldiers in his family nursery, and after harrow he graduated from the royal military college with honors. Early in 1895 his father died, Churchill who was only 20 years old was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the 4th queens own hussars, a regiment of the British army .
             Churchill's first military assignment was to go to Cuba for a British newspaper to follow a rebellion. On his 21st birthday he was in the Cuban jungle and came under fire for the first time, escaping without injury. Churchill continued to serve in th

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