The Causes of College Stress

             Going through college is stressful for everybody. Caused by many reasons, the stress is present whether one is in their first year of college or their last. However, most seniors have an easier time dealing with stress because they have experience handling it. Most of the reasons for so much stress fall into one of three categories: academic stress, that is, anything to do with studying for classes, financial stress, which has to do with paying for school, and personal stress, which is stress associated with personal problems in college.
             When most students stress over college it is usually because of something to do with academics. Whether it's reading five chapters before going to their 12 o'clock class, or studying for that test that makes or breaks your grade, this kind of stress is accountable for the bags under the eyes and the 5lbs of weight gained over the weekend when studying for midterms. Of course, not all students go through this stress; there are often students that have no worries about their grades or future. Then there is a rare group of people that are so smart that they don't have to worry about their grades.
             Although academic stress occurs more often, financial stress is often harder to deal with. Most financial stress occurs when a college says they'll pay a certain amount but don't pay it for some injudicious reason, leaving the student with no way to pay the money. Another reason could be that a college threatens to kick a student out because the student has to pay for a bill. Of course, not all students have financial stress. The students fortunate enough to get financial aid or students that are born rich have no worries in this department.
             Finally, the most over-rated stress is personal stress. In most cases, the stress factors for personal stress are trivial things that students put too much importance on. One of the biggest issues is having a boyfriend/girlfriend that causes stress. People stre...

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