How to Overcome Depression

             Have you ever felt like killing yourself? Like no one cares whether you live or die? Is there an empty feeling inside of you? Do you think that you are nothing and that nothing will ever-go right for you? If you feel this way quite often you may suffer from depression. Just because you can relate to these questions doesn't mean you have the mental illness. You must feel this way quite often. Medication, psychotherapy, and shock therapy are the most effective ways to overcome depression; however, even with these factors it is still very difficult to overcome.
             The most commonly used ways to treat depression is medication. There are several different kinds of medication, but the most popular are antidepressants. Some antidepressants include Prozac, Lithium, and Zoloft. Prozac has been proven the most effective, but Lithium was the most widely used in the past. The side effects of both of these are dizziness, hard tremors, weight gain, excessive sweating, body rashes, metallic taste in mouth, persistent thirst, and blurred vision (Eshom, p. 39). These caused it to be looked down upon (Eshom, p. 34). Some called these mind-altering drugs (Silverstein, p. 60). These antidepressants take about four weeks to start working. It may take anywhere from a couple months to a few years to overcome depression depending on how severe it is (Silverstein, p. 57).
             Psychotherapy is another effective way for overcoming depression. Psychotherapy is a more confrontational method then medication (Silverstein, p. 61). It deals with a patient and a therapist. The therapist talks to the patient and tries to find the source of depression or problem. The patient must realize the problem, confront it, and overcome it (Silverstein, p. 61). There are many different kinds of therapy like family or group therapy. Because people do not open up easy, therapy is not always effective.
             Shock therapy is a rarely used yet effective way to ov...

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