Biology: Healthy Life - Heart Disease

             During the course of my life there have been health choices that I've made that may affect my body and/or my health in the future. But by knowing my family's history and those diseases that seem to be hereditary will be quite supportive in maintaining a long and healthy life. This knowledge will hopeful influence my decisions of prolonged activities that could be harmful or helpful.
             Looking over the history of my mother's side (MacKenize) most didn't live that long mainly because of heart disease was what took them. For the maternal side on my mother's family, my great-grandmother lived to the age of 63 then died because of a heart attack; great-grandfather lived to 83 and was in pretty good health until he caught pneumonia and died; great-uncle Melvin died at 56 due to a heart attack; Great Uncle Alex died at 46 but because he was run over by a taxi; great aunt Jean died in 80's because of heart problems; great aunt Kay also died in her 80's due to heart problems and old age; great aunt Kay is still living at age 72 and is in good health other than suffering with arthritis; and my grandmother died at 61 because of heart attack. My grandfather on my mother's (her father, Munroe family) side died at age 68 from a heart attack and because he died when my mom was only 18 months the history on his side is unknown.
             On my paternal side of the family, Horton, most have lived to the age of 80. My great-grandfather died after a rake pierced his; great-grandmother died at 88 and had Alzheimer's; my grandmother is presently alive at the age of 85 and in good health other than suffering with rhmeutoid arthritis; my grandfather also is alive at the age of 82 but has heart disease, has had a triple bypass, now lives with a pacemaker, and suffered from skin cancer on his nose. On my father's mother side of the family (Parkman) my great-grandfather died at 88 with heart problems; great-grandmo...

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